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The Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications

The Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications was created on January 10, 1997 on the basis of the Almaty Power Engineering Institute (APEI) that operated from 1975 to 1997. This is the first non-state technical university with the status of a non-profit organization, which will rebrand in the new academic year. The modern conceptual philosophy of the brand will also affect the name of the university. It will become the Energo University – this is a process of active change and development aimed at achieving new goals and meeting the current requirements and challenges, which includes the introduction of new educational approaches, the development of innovative technologies, the adaptation of programs and courses to the needs of the labor market, strengthening partnerships with enterprises and society, as well as changing the organizational culture and management processes.

AUPET is one of the few niche universities in Kazakhstan that provides training of in-demand specialists in energy, telecommunications and IT technologies across the Central Asian region. The University offers educational programs at all levels of study, including College, Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs. Our goal is to provide students with high-quality education that will serve as the basis for a successful career in their chosen field. We provide a wide range of educational programs:

B057 Information Technology

B058 Information Security 

B059 Communications and Communication Technologies 

B062 Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering 

B063 Electrical Engineering and Automation  

B064 Mechanics and Metalworking  

B067 Air Transport and Technology  

B094 Sanitary and Preventive Measures  

B183 Agroengineering

The university provides training in 24 educational Bachelor's programs, 11 Master's programs, and 6 PhD programs in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages. The university has passed institutional and specialized accreditations in the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR). In the National Ranking of the best technical universities in Kazakhstan, AUPET has the brand of the best university for training personnel in the field of power engineering, computer science and telecommunications with almost 100% employment of graduates and is in the top 10, taking leading positions in the following educational programs:

Heat Power Engineering – ranks 1st;

Power Engineering – ranks 1st;

Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications - ranks 1st;

Instrumentation Engineering - ranks 1st;

Information Security Systems - ranks 2nd;

Space Engineering and Technology - ranks 2nd.

AUPET is the basic Educational-Methodical Association of the Republican Educational-Methodical Council for 4 specialties: Electrical Engineering, Heat Power Engineering, Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Space Engineering and Technology. AUPET has a dissertation council for the defense of theses in 3 areas: Electrical Engineering, Heat Power Engineering, Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications. The AUPET mission is formation of the best intellectual resources of the national economy of knowledge and the most advanced technologies for the industrial and innovative development of the country, adapted to the conditions of world integration and globalization.