Educational Foundation - Bridge to the Future!

Foundation Activity

The Foundation carries out its activity in the following areas:

  • Organize a high-quality educational process in the Foundation kindergartens based on integration of the RoK State Compulsory Educational Standard (GOSO) and contemporary international early childhood teaching methodology.
  • Improve the Foundation’s international school educational model prioritizing teaching STEM disciplines.
  • Enhance content and language integrated learning at the Foundation schools.
  • Develop the French Section within the Miras International School in Astana.
  • Improve the educational quality management system in the Foundation kindergartens and schools.
  • Improve the professional development system for the teaching staff.
  • Share experiences and best practices of the Foundation kindergartens and international schools in the preschool and secondary educational system of Kazakhstan and CIS countries.
  • Cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on recognition of the Foundation schools international accreditation.
  • Further develop a profile paramilitary educational model in upper school.
  • Promote the activity of the Foundation and its branches.
  • Further realize the charity activities of the Foundation.