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The "Arystan" Specialized Lyceum


The Arystan Specialized Lyceum has started to operate since January 2011. It is a non-governmental secondary general educational institution with a military life pattern and in-depth study of physics, mathematics, computer science, English and Kazakh.

It is a project with a social focus: the lyceum students are educated and supported on a free (charitable) basis where children from needy families and families with many children have a priority right for admission. Young boys from all the regions of Kazakhstan study at the Lyceum in grades 9 to 11, being enrolled on a competitive basis.

A modern educational complex was created in the picturesque foothills of Zailiyskiy Alatau in the suburbs of Almaty to educate and accommodate lyceum students. The Lyceum is equipped with modern classrooms, labs, auditoriums, information-library and cultural-recreational centers. For physical development of lyceum students there is a multifunctional gym, swimming pool, gyms to go in for boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, etc. The summer sports ground includes a football field with an artificial turf, tennis court, volleyball and basketball grounds, a gymnastic area, and military obstacle course.

An important aspect of the elementary military training is its practical orientation: lyceum students have an opportunity to study at the training center of the Military Institute of Army Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acquiring practical skills of military craftsmanship in the field.

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