News STEM project at Miras International School Astana

At present time, rapid information flows, high-tech innovations and developments transform all spheres of our life. Robotics, construction, programming, modelling, 3D-design and much more – that’s what interests modern schoolchildren around the world. In furtherance of these interests, more complex skills and competencies are needed. It is important not only to know and be able to do, but also to explore and invent. Taking into account these modern requirements and the interests of students in the Miras International School, work has begun on the introduction of the STEM project into the 8-9 grades.

The supervisor of the work is Physics teacher Vinaya Kumar Pandey. Additional classes for enthusiastic students were organized. In grade 9, students Camilla Mazhitova, Miriam Kuanysh, Ainara Kasymova, Dilzhan Usa studied the principle of solar batteries, electric motors and could create a water pump based on the use of solar energy.

The students of the grade 8 Aidana Bekkereeva, Valeriya Kravchenko and Timur Nagaspaev are enthusiastically participating in the STEM project. Applying their knowledge of physics, design and technology, students were able to conduct research on alternative energy sources and created a solar oven in which they can cook food on a bright sunny day.

Under the supervision of the physics teacher Vinaya Kumar Pandey and with the active support of the assistant of the science teachers Anara Akynbayeva, students  took part in the city exhibition olympiad on STEM education “STEM – education of new period”.

The exhibition was held on October 28 in the Schoolchildren’s Palace. It should be noted that it was a vacation time, but despite this the students came to the olympiad and managed to confidently present their projects and won prizes. We are proud of our students and Mr. Vinaya Kumar Pandey!