News Happy Yoga Day!

One year ago UN General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming 21st June as the International Day of Yoga.

This year millions of yoga enthusiasts worldwide performed a set of exercises for the first celebration.

“Miras” International School in Almaty also joined this campaign and hosted in its territory yoga enthusiasts of the city.

“Each person has their own way to happy life: someone does what he likes, opens a business, but it is a temporary phenomenon. The key is that you have inside your spiritual condition, harmony with yourself. I have been practicing yoga, so that I can inspire and help others to be healthy and enjoy life “- said representative of sanskar-yoga Sandip Dzhadan.

At the end of exercisses special show with the participation of Kazakhstani yoga practitioner with 30 years of experience was organized: the master swallowed a dagger and showed his possession of the body and the ability to keep on his head heavy things. The celebration was continued with Indian dances and tasting of traditional Indian sweets.